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I enjoy hosting a series of enchanting fall minis every fall. Many of my clients from last year signed up for minis this year.- how amazing! My first stop this year was at Jackson Springs Park in Macon, Georgia. This picturesque setting was the perfect backdrop for capturing the autumn’s warmth, love, and vibrant colors. I worked with four wonderful families: the Wolhrabes, the Wilsons, the Elrods, and the Joneses. Join me in gushing over these enchanting fall family photos!

The Wholrabe Family: A Burst of Joy and Bubbles | Fall Minis 2023

The Wohlrabe family brought a wave of energy and happiness to the mini-sessions. Comprising a loving mom, dad, twins, and a precious little girl, they were a delightful bundle of smiles and laughter. I even got sweet Lilie to smile; if you know her, that is a  HUGE deal. Capturing their family dynamic was an absolute joy, and it’s clear that their love shines through in every photograph.

The Wilson Family: Canine Companions and Couple’s Love | Fall Minis 2023

The Wilsons arrived at the mini sessions with their two adorable dogs, Archie and Remie. The combination of their deep affection for each other and the charming presence of their canine companions made for heartwarming moments. Jackson Springs is the perfect spot to bring the pup for fall minis. As we strolled through the park’s pathways, the dogs added a playful touch to the scenes, creating a sense of joy and unity.

The Elrod Family: Picture of Togetherness | Fall Minis 2023

The Elrod family, consisting of a dedicated mom, dad, and two sweet little girls, showcased the beauty of togetherness. Surrounded by the park’s natural splendor, they engaged in warm embraces, playful interactions, and loving glances. The two little girls added a sense of innocence and wonder to the photographs, making for timeless memories of family bonds.

The Jones Family: Adventure and Camaraderie with Mac | Fall Minis 2023

The Jones family, featuring the boys and their loyal dog, exuded a sense of adventure and camaraderie. They explored the park’s nooks and crannies and waded in the water. The presence of their furry friend added so much joy. Aren’t Fall Minis at Jackson Springs so fun?

Capturing the joys of fall at Jackson Springs Park reminded me of the unique beauty each family brings to their photographs. I’m grateful to have been able to document these precious moments, preserving the warmth and love shared among these wonderful families. As autumn’s vibrant colors ramp up, I cannot wait to capture more fall minis!


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