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Thankfulness is a funny thing. If you break it down, even more, it is a feeling of appreciation someone feels in response to another’s act of kindness, gifts, or favors. 🍁

❤️Words mean more when we break them down and marinate on them for a moment. ❤️

Thankfulness is a feeling of appreciation based on another’s action. For example, many of us experience thankfulness when we round the corner at the Chick-fil-a drive-thru and spy a white bag that contains steaming waffle fries. Or you might experience thankfulness when someone recognizes a job well done. 🥰

I want to walk you through a few moments that made me really thankful this year.

Walking Down the Aisle

Over the last year, I have captured multiple weddings. The moment that always takes my breath away and reminds me why my aching feet matter is when the bride walks down the aisle. My heart burst with thankfulness at this time. I always crouch behind the bride and slip into the ceremony venue to capture the perfect shot. I never want to be a distraction, so I only walk up so close to the altar. Once the door is open, the crowd will stand, the groom will weep (if we want good pictures), and the bride will glide down the aisle. It is a magical moment that I treasure. Each time I’ve emerged from my crouched position, I exhale a sigh of relief because we made it to the 🙌🏻 dang thang. Drinking in the moment, I am so thankful to be invited into such a special memory. 

Fall Minis

Fall minis are another moment I treasure. They make me thankful for my job. I used to be embarrassed to run fall minis- it’s a pride thing. I thought mini-sessions were beneath “professionals.” That’s total malarkey, I tell you‼️ This year gave me a new appreciation for fall minis- you all were busting down my door to get on my list. It is humbling to be requested for Holiday card photos. I am thankful, really, truly.

My Social Media Wizard aka Lauren

There are so many moments I’ve been thankful for Lauren. She is my Social Media Assistant. All the reels, all the sweet comments answered, and all the Instagram goodness make me real grateful. Having such a talented and capable Social Media Assistant has freed my brain to be more present with my clients and creative in other areas. Big fan of this gal!

Southeast Regional Fruit and Vegetable Conference

Record scratch moment, right? Annie is thankful for a fruit and veggie conference; that’s a little off-brand.

Well, not really; last January, I was invited to speak about photography to farmers in the industry. It was a wonderful experience and reminded me of my love for sharing my craft. This moment gave me confidence in my knowledge of Photography.

Spring Minis

I wouldn’t say I like the winter. Like, can’t stand being cold and all the gray. Spring mins are my favorite because Macon is popping in the spring, especially the Japanese Magnolias. These moments make me thankful that spring is dawning.

My Friends

Finding a community of sweet friends is difficult. However, over the last year and a half, I’ve been in a squad like no other. It is a joy to have people to do life alongside. Moments with my friends help me come back refreshed to my editing cave. ** not all friends are pictured**


I am obsessed with her. That is the only explanation. Being a dog owner has forced me out of bed each morning with a leash in hand. Big fan of my furry companion, and the iconic show her name comes from. Every moment with her is the best.

My Family

My family grew a lot this year; We welcomed a new brother-in-law to the mix—someone who, from the beginning, was an advocate for my business and loved my sis well. I got another nephew. The fam is growing, and I love it. Moments like beach trips, first birthdays, car rides and adventures I will treasure forever.

I am a photographer by trade. My catchphrase is I capture bright and authentic photos of life’s greatest moments. Moments that make us feel appreciated or loved are reasons to be thankful. My job is capturing those moments- how lucky am I?

Have you reflected over the last year?

What are moments you felt appreciated?

What are some gifts you didn’t know you were thankful for until just now?


Annie T.

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