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Engagement sessions make me melt. Engagement sessions under Japanese Magnolias make me swoon! Coleman Hill, in downtown Macon, is always the perfect spot for these blooms. That is why it was the best scene for the Bridges’ engagement session. 

I’ve been Katie’s marketing photographer for over a year. It has been such a thrill to capture her passion for Skin Care. She is effortless beautiful and a joy to be around.

Katie is a PA in Plastic Surgery. She is the queen of all things skin care-check her out @katieszakal_pa

When she got engaged in November, I was honored she picked me as her wedding photographer.

Getting to know Maddox during their engagement session was such a treat. This sweet couple is total model material. Just look at them! So stunning. Oh yeah and Maddox is a complete goofball.

I cannot wait for August! It will be a joy to capture their big day.


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