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Photographing Rolling Stones Musician and tree farmer Chuck Leavell at Charlane Plantation took my editorial photography to new heights. I captured a world-renowned keyboardist and Rolling Stones member, Chuck Leavell, for GFB’s Georgia Neighbors Magazine. As the photographer, I captured images for the article and cover photos. I love working with the marketing team at Georgia Farm Bureau.

Interview time!

Walking around the property.

During our time at Charlane Plantation, Chuck discussed how his timber farm is an oasis of peace after seasons on the road. He made a case for the importance of being a good steward of the earth and played a few songs on the piano. It was a great time working with such a fantastic team.

Jokingly Chuck blames his connection to the land on his wife, Rose Lane. In his feature article written by Renee Corwine, Chuck reveals how his wife’s family has owned the property. Rose Lane and Chuck inherited the land and made it into what it is today. The plantation is run by the Leavells and a few trusted employees. It is used for forestry and is home to traditional quail hunts. 

Chuck is a man of many talents. Although, he is famously known for his work with the Rolling Stones, he is also a significant participant in the forestry industry. He hosts a show on PBS called “America’s Forrest with Chuck Leavell.” His roots in the Georgia agricultural industry led him to be interviewed by the Georgia Farm Bureau. Georgia Farm Bureau is the largest farm organization in Georgia, and its aid is to provide leadership and assistance to the agricultural sector. It is a beautiful organization that I love working alongside.

Understanding Chuck Leavell’s connection to the land and the mission of Georgia Farm Bureau was vital information that allowed me to capture the exact images they needed for their article- along with a few other creative shots. I enjoy working with Georgia Neighbors Magazine because it allows me to produce photos and connect them to the words on a page and the mission of an industry.


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